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Available in four packaging formats:

1 L

1 Gal

5 Gal

55 Gal 

The Facts - Turf Mask Green Coating

  • Instantly transform drought, unhealthy, stained grass

  • Instantly brings back lush natural green appearance

  • Reduce water bills and water consumption

  • Reduce time spent from daily watering 

  • Reduce carbon footprint from regular lawn cutting 

  • Long lasting colour that lasts the entire drought season 

  • Quick dry technology that won't wash away after dry

  • Non Toxic to the applicator and the environment 

  • Kid and Pet friendly solution when applied as directed

  • Won't damage or kill grass or surrounding plant life

Check out the Turf Mask Difference

Instant Green Grass

Recreation and Parks

Cities and Towns can now address those public areas that are high traffic and high visibility with a quick and easy non toxic green grass solution. 

Real Estate Agents and Event Planners

Real Estate Agents across Canada can now instantly update curb appeal for their client's home for a faster sale.  

Event planners can improve their outdoor event, party or wedding by instantly fixing surrounding turf imperfections and aesthetics.

Golf Course Superintendents

Superintendents can utilize this instant green fix as part of their maintenance strategy.  Save water and labour while still maintaining and improving course aesthetics.  Keep your course green and address those Member and Public course condition questions with this quick dry and non toxic instant green grass solution.   

Join the Mask Revolution and GET GREEN QUICK ! 

Ca​nada's Newest Instant Green Grass Solution - see difference below 

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